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How To Break The Ice When You Chat With Bisexual Women Online

Are you shy about chatting with bisexual women online? Why do you think you might be shy? The main reason for this is usually because you haven't had much actual interaction with bisexual women, whether it be online or offline. Actually interacting with someone who feels the way you do is going to be truly unique to you. Breaking the ice doesn't have to be hard at all. All you need are some good things to talk about in order to get things going. Here are three things you can do.

Ask about what it was like when they first found out they were bisexual

Now this might seem like its a very personal question, but its a very powerful one. Its harmless to ask and it really gives you a chance to learn about the other persons feelings. It requires them to open up to you. If they don't want to answer this question then you could always answer your own question in order to get things going. You never know what kind of bonding can take  place with just this one question alone.

Ask what is it the other women finds so desirable about women that isn't related to just sex

When you chat with bisexual women online, then you want to be sure they care about more than just sex. Asking what they find desirable about women is a good way to get a feel for who they really are.

       ·  Are all of their answers purely based on something sexual? If this is the case then you might get the idea that they'll be fickle. If you were to get together, then once the initial sexual attraction wore off then the relationship might end. What if you want more than this?

   · Do they tell you about insecurities they have when it comes to men? At first this might seem like a good thing, but it can backfire. If a women is bisexual only because she had problems with men, then what happens if the right guy does come along and makes her feel reassured? Does this mean she would stop being bisexual now that she feels accepted by a man?

    ·  Does she tell you that she believes its easier to please a women than it is a man? This can be bad, because it might mean that the women brings her C game with women, because she's seen she can get away with it. You don't want a women who thinks she doesn't have to try in order to keep you interested.

You could also try to chat with bisexual women online about hobbies they have in order to build more trust. This can help you to have plenty to talk about and not just focus on the fact that both of you are bisexual. You want to get past this one point, because its going to take so much more to have a happy relationship(even if its casual) than just sharing the same sexual orientation.

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